Valentine Day initiates a Powerful Life Love Story

Valentine Day initiates a Powerful Life Love Story image

Are you giving the best Valentine Day’s gift possible? Or are you doing the same old flowers and chocolates thing?

Chocolates and Flowers

Chocolates and flowers are the commercialised interpretation of the most significant cultural celebration of romantic love in modern times. In some countries the day is attached to the Christian Liturgical feast days, and in others, unfortunate stories of Martyrs demise for their love and Saint Valentine of Rome in the middle ages was imprisoned for marrying forbidden lovers.  Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Geoffrey Chaucer picked up on the tradition of romantic love in the 14th Century and the tradition flourished until the 18th century when the English added the flowers, chocolates and greeting cards to society’s pressures to unlock the hearts of young lovers.[i]

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Make Valentine’s Day Original

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express the fullness of your relationship however you wish but chocolates and flowers don’t last.

An innovative and deeply personal way to say love words that are original and full of meaning is by documenting the story of your relationship in a book or on video.   

Life Stories are stories about love and relationships and celebrating life journeys. By this definition, life stories defy the interpretation of being the preoccupation of older people, and place life stories firmly within any relationship that has meaning. This may be lovers, families, groups of friends or any joining together of people of the heart.

A Story of Secret Love

I was reminded of this one mid-winter morning when I received an international phone call. A young man wanted the story of his relationship with his secret lover documented in words that he could not find. He wanted to open his heart to a writer and have his story written in such a way that his lover would understand and embrace the full meaning of their love.

The journey between myself and my new client was conducted over SKYPE and the story lost none of its potency through this media. I listened and recorded as the young man spilled his story of the love that had germinated between himself and a young girl when they were 14 years of age. The beginnings were humble and intermittent at first, and the secret innocent connections slowly formed as building blocks on a web of friendship and then deep love.

Eventually, life took its toll on the young couple as often happens and events separated their paths and life journey. The sweet fragrance of young love had dissipated and was no more than a fragile memory of delicacy and regret for what might have been.

Many years later, the couple’s eyes engaged at a public gathering and to their amazement, the sparks of young love rekindled and yielded an intense and mature relationship.    

My Journey of Challenge

The journey of reconnecting love amidst cultural barriers and unrest was a challenge for me to reproduce on paper even though my client explained and expanded on meanings and interpretations.  It was required for me to do my own research and explore places and traditions, so I could give context and meaning that would enhance my client’s love story.

My client was delighted with the final written product and as he said, ‘he could not have done this celebration of the love story between him and his partner alone’.

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The Value of a Life Story Professional

That is the value of a Life Story professional. The skills and abilities they bring in producing a work of excellence must be experienced to be fully understood. However, once completed, the finished product is a timeless treasure that will outlast flowers or chocolates.

The thought behind documenting your life story, relationship or family album is a work of love and what better reason to affirm this than a surprise gift or gift certificate on Valentine’s Day. 

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Written by Rose Osborne.

Life Writer, Biographer and Memoirist. Write My Journey.

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