welcome to life stories australia

Professionals Preserving Your Story Word By Word, Image By Image

As an association, we not only promote the craft of documenting life stories but also seek to further the professional interests of our practitioners. As professional storytellers, Life Stories Australia members bring an objective and experienced voice to their client's story and provide a level of professionalism that goes beyond what you as a client could have otherwise achieved alone.

Life Stories Australia is an incorporated association of dedicated and experienced professionals who help individuals, families, communities, organisations and businesses to record and document personal and collective histories. Members preserve their clients' stories across a broad range of mediums including but not limited to print, photographic, image, audio, film, digital and mixed media.   

Our members follow a strict code of conduct and are screened for their experience, skill and professional service. We are therefore confident that no matter which member you choose and no matter which medium they use, you will receive a professional service.  

We hope you enjoy your experience telling your story.