Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Welcome to Life Stories Australia

The Association of Life Story Professionals

Life Stories Australia Inc (LSA) promotes the craft of documenting the life stories of people and organisational histories, and seeks to further the professional interests of its practitioners.

Members of LSA strive to help individuals, families, communities, organisations and businesses preserve their stories across a broad range of mediums including but not limited to print, photographic, image, audio, film, digital and mixed media. As professional storytellers, LSA members bring an objective and experienced voice to their client’s story and provide a level of professionalism that goes beyond what the client could have achieved alone.



  • To promote LSA as the recognised, professional industry benchmark for the recording, preserving and sharing of personal life stories and organisational histories
  • To promote awareness and appreciation of the value of preserving life stories and organisational histories
  • To promote LSA and its membership in the media and other relevant forums in Australia
  • To maintain a public register of LSA professionals and facilitate access to potential clients in their geographical area and preferred format.

Professional services

  • To establish and maintain a code of ethics and professional standards
  • To provide support, networking and collaborative opportunities amongst members
  • To provide members with links to external relevant educational and professional organisations.

Are you interested in joining Life Stories Australia?

If you write, record, produce or contribute professionally to life stories, and would like to join our association, here are our rules of membership and member benefits. Please select from the options below

Categories Acceptance criteriaMember benefits Annual Subscription
Australian MemberCurrently working as a Life Story Professional (LSP) in Australia and completed three of these criteria or a combination of three:
-published life story books, audios or videography projects for clients for a professional fee
-conducted life story writing or guided autobiography classes
-coached or mentored individual people to write their life story
Your evidence of these criteria will be your relevant qualifications and a combination of your skills and experience. You will be asked to sign and abide by the LSA Code of Conduct.
Benefits of being an accredited full member of LSA

Promotion as a member of LSA
-Listed in member directory on website and Facebook page with profile and website
-Can advertise on LSA website
-Can post blogs and articles on LSA website
-Can use LSA logo on own materials

Networking and collaboration
-Opportunity to attend peer support and/or networking meetings to share business knowledge, skills and strategies
-Opportunity to give and receive referrals, to subcontract, to collaborate or form partnerships with other life story professionals and business/vendor members for design, editing and publishing etc.

Professional upskilling resources
-Opportunity to access professional development upskilling sessions and workshops on various aspects of life story work.
-Links to relevant articles and professional organisations, education and training courses.
International memberSame as full member Same as full membership. Please note, LSA will not be marketing or advertising in countries other than Australia. $100
Allied MemberWorking in the life story space as an editor, illustrator, educator, literary agent, publisher, printer, bookseller or other related occupationSame as full membership. Please note, LSA will be actively promoting life story professionals only. $125
Associate MemberEmerging life story professional – just starting, having a career pause, or doing voluntary, honorary or hobby life story work. May join private Facebook page
May attend peer support/ networking meetings
Supporter/friendYou are not engaged as a Life Story Professional but interested in being connected, and supporting the Association as a volunteer. Will be invited to attend any LSA social functions, will be listed as supporter on website, may join private Facebook pageBy donation minimum $20
Invited Honorary Member and Life MemberAn Honorary Life Member is invited to this role in recognition for invaluable contributions and services to LSA, for example, ongoing mentoring, advice to Board, PR and other forms of advocacy and support Full membershipnil
Philanthropic contributor and bequestsPlatinum, Gold, SilverWill be invited to attend LSA social functions, will be listed as supporter on website and may join private Facebook pageSilver under $1,000
Gold under $5,000 Platinum over $5,000

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