Official Launch of Life Stories Australia Association

Desperate life stories wandering around in the dark – it’s over!

Life Stories Australia is a newly created incorporated association of expert, professional storytellers.  Recognising the growing need in Australia for individuals, families, businesses and organisations to have their various stories told, Life Stories Australia was created to help provide potential clients with a reliable and trustworthy choice.  

Up to now, anyone wanting to tell their story has been obliged to search – sometimes online, sometimes by word-of-mouth – often without success. According to Life Stories Australia’s newly elected President, Paul English of Austinmer N.S.W., “Considering the emotional investment people make when sharing their precious memories and life stories, it is absolutely important that the person conducting the interview and creating the final production has the necessary experience, professionalism and integrity. All of our members, for example, must agree to abide by our strict Code of Ethics and have a proven track record.” 

Men and women from all walks of life, professionals, veterans, survivors, winners, refugees, retirees and those simply wanting to leave a family legacy, have struggled to find the right and trustworthy person to share and either write, video, audio record or photograph their stories. Now, Life Stories Australia has provided via its website (, a state-by-state, Australia-wide knowledge base for clients to safely browse their options. The feedback from clients has been incredibly positive.

For further details including interview opportunities, please contact the principal spokesperson and President, Mr Paul English (Mob: 0432 857 857) 

For local contacts/ interviews please contact the respective Board Member:

Victoria – Ms Gillian Ednie (Mob: 0425 770 605)

Queensland – Mr Michael Collins (Mob: 0412 487 975)

South Australia – Ms Annie Payne (Mob: 0438 838 975


Re Paul English

Michelle Hopkinson, Avalon NSW. 

” Going through this life story telling process with Paul and Alison was very special. Alison was incredibly present and warm; her thoughtful questioning allowed me to recall some wonderful memories about my dad and our relationship.  Paul is the consummate professional and I quickly relaxed. I’m so happy with the outcome, what a lovely keepsake.” 

Re Michael Collins

Blood on the Wire (Carolyn Wilkinson, Darwin) Writing a book—any book, is a huge

undertaking. I’d wanted to write this one for some time and, until I contacted Michael, I

found myself stuck at the starting post. Michael was able to encapsulate the true essence of a huge manhunt and the adrenalin pumping action of the Northern Territory’s biggest escape story ever and accurately described the tropical bushland, the harshness of the climate, the dangers Daniel Heiss faced, and the sheer misery of prison life. Michael was with me from the beginning, and always available to offer good solid advice.

Re Annie Payne

Mary R Pritchett, Lancelin, Perth. My Dad, Ted Pritchett, started talking about his experiences as a young Able Bodied Seaman in the RN during WWII a few weeks before his 90th birthday in 2010 and mentioned the sinking of the ‘Lancastria’ by German Stuka  bombers. I contacted Annie Payne and asked her if she could interview and write Dad’s war experiences so that my brother and I could give his life story to him for his birthday. Annie interviewed Dad one Saturday afternoon in the nursing home where he lives and his memories of his early life were as clear as a bell. She also did extensive background research about the bombing of the ‘Lancastria’, which was hushed up during the war due to the huge loss of lives. We were thrilled with the resulting book.

Re Rose Osborne

Gina Koumpis, Brisbane I have recently been working with Rose. We have been working on a book because I want to memorialize my life as a legacy to my children. It has been a process and I have enjoyed every minute of it and Rose has been wonderful. She helped me filter and sort through my memories and put them in some sort of context.  Without her I could never have done it. I have really enjoyed the process and would recommend it to anyone. 

Association details: 

Life Stories Australia Inc Registration Number 1700896

Registered address: 57 Moore Street Austinmer NSW 2515

Contact Number: 0432 857857


June English from her Life Story film celebrating her 90th birthday. June was talking at this point about how she had been a nurse during WWII at Concord Hospital in Sydney and nursed victims from the fall of Singapore who had been repatriated back to Sydney.

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