How Come Granny Has a Different Name?

Easter is a time celebrated by more than Christian people. In countries all around the world, it’s a long holiday weekend, and with the extra time allowed for travel, many cultures and faiths get the rare opportunity to gather and enjoy the company of both young and old.

So, what are you going to do? Spend time creating mouth-watering home-cooked food for the descending horde, hide a mass of chocolate eggs around the house and garden, roll traditional eggs down a hill, spend quality time painting boiled eggs with the children and have egg-bashing competitions, put on your sheriff’s star and wrangle a herd of sugared-up kids with chocolate splattered faces, head off to church, or watch a movie?

We all do Easter differently, don’t we? But, inevitably, we are with people, and it’s usually family. And then the questions begin. Who did what to who at which family event, perhaps? How did Dad start his business, maybe? How come Granny has a different name – oops?

We have the technology! Start recording those precious moments! They are priceless and part of your heritage. Laugh, cry, and ignore them at your peril. When people have gone (and we all do eventually) so do those precious memories, those extraordinary stories that are part of you and yours.

If you are in any doubt, talk to a professional. We know how devastating lost family history can be and we’re here to help.

And if you know of a friend or neighbour who is spending Eastertime alone, invite them over. My friend is a Muslim, married to a South Korean Christian who enjoyed last Easter with a Jewish couple and an atheist. Great conversation and, yes, he recorded it.

Michael Collins,

Start telling your story