The Perfect Fathers’ Day Gift—a Memoir

As Fathers’ Day approaches are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad or grandfather? Do they have enough socks and undies to last a lifetime and is their bathroom cabinet overflowing with aftershave you gave them as presents for the last few years?

Have you thought of giving your father or grandfather a memoir or life story as a Fathers’ Day gift? It is a gift for your entire family as it enables their stories to live on forever.

A memoir is a tremendous legacy your parents and grandparents can leave for their children, grandchildren and future generations. Their memories are precious. Writing a memoir is about remembering. It’s about preserving and sharing their life journey.

A memoir is about holding onto the ordinary moments, and occasionally the extraordinary ones. It’s about recording your parents’ or grandparents’ special memories, anecdotes and quirky things that make them who they are, the people you love so much.

Storytelling is a powerful way for your parents and grandparents to communicate what they stand for, the lessons they’ve learned in life, the exciting journeys they’ve embarked upon, the knowledge they’ve gained and the love they feel for their family and friends.

The beauty of giving your parents or grandparents a gift voucher for their memoir to be written is that siblings and cousins can join together and contribute towards its cost, making it an affordable option.

This Fathers’ Day if you’re struggling to think of a unique gift for your father or grandfather, consider giving them a gift voucher for their memoir to be written. It’s a gift your whole family will treasure.

If you would like to know more about giving a memoir as a gift, please get in touch the professional and highly experienced memoir writers at Life Stories Australia.

Gabriella Kelly-Davies
Vice President Life Stories Australia
Founder, Share your life story

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