Top 3 Reasons You Should Write Your Memoir

Everyone has a unique story to tell because we all experience life differently. Memoirs are an ideal way to learn how other people see the world and have navigated through life’s ups and downs. We share a common humanity, and through our stories, we can show others how we celebrated our triumphs, survived challenges and painful events, and came out the other end in one piece. The highs and lows of your life will be different from those experienced by other people, but we all share similar feelings and emotions. 

Writing your memoir and sharing your stories will enable your readers to relate to you. This is especially important for family members and future generations as they are often curious to understand what you learned from your trials and tribulations. They also want to share in your happy moments and the special things that brought you the most joy.

If you are keen to write your memoir, here are three reasons you should seize the moment and do it yourself or ask a qualified writer to create it for you:

Everyone loves a good story

Without a doubt, writing is a form of expression that dates back to the earliest times in history. Writing mirrors life, and we can learn so much from reading the stories of people from past centuries.

While there are talented writers in every generation, writing doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of skilled professionals. Some people are born storytellers who can effortlessly spin a yarn, but for most of us, writing can be a real struggle. 

Writing your memoir enables you to reflect on your life and express yourself. It can be uplifting but also cathartic. Sharing your happy memories allows you to relive joyful experiences but it can also help you to process difficult emotions and gain relief from demons that may have plagued you since childhood.

You have wisdom worth sharing 

Everyone has wisdom to share based on their personal experiences. But writing your memoir is a skill you need to nurture to ensure your narrative is engaging and keeps your audience reading to the last page. Writing courses and webinars are available on the internet and at writers’ centres, and they are a terrific way to get started. They will help you to polish your writing skills and to meet other writers. 

Memoir writing groups are springing up online and in local libraries, and they help writers to remain motivated. Writing can be lonely, but by regularly meeting with other writers, you will make new friends, and your colleagues in the group will give you valuable feedback. Memoir writing groups are the perfect place to try out new ideas and learn from the experiences of other writers. 

Anyone can write a memoir, and while it takes practice, you will soon get the hang of it if you are open to feedback and persevere. You have wisdom and insights worth sharing, so don’t put it off any longer. Try writing it yourself or find a memoir writer who can craft it for you.

Your story is important

Many people say their life is too dull to share and that other people have much more exciting stories. The life story of a ‘regular’ person can be just as fascinating as that of a celebrity or world leader. Readers can more easily relate to someone like them than to a person who inhabits a vastly different world. 

Readers want to connect with other people and understand how they got through all that life throws at them. Social status doesn’t have a part to play in writing a memoir. What matters most is that you believe you can inspire other people by sharing your memories and experiences. That alone makes your story essential and worth reading.

Someone willing to inspire others will eventually craft a story that evokes life-changing emotions. By choosing to write your memoir today, you can share a story that can motivate and inspire another person. Through your memoir, you can show someone else that no matter how hard it gets, life is worth living. A qualified life story writer can turn your memories and life experiences into a book that will withstand the test of time. Find a storyteller today by visiting Life Stories Australia Association’s members’ page. 

Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Founder, Share your life story

Vice President Life Stories Australia