How Your Memoir Can Inspire Future Generations

Life is a tremendous journey and hardly ever smooth sailing. Still, by embracing every opportunity, your life can be a fulfilling adventure. Overcoming personal hurdles is one thing but being able to leverage the experience to inspire others can make a more powerful impact than you’d expect. Though looking back at hardships you’ve endured can be challenging, your story has the potential to serve as someone’s motivation and guiding light.

You’re a Hero to Someone, Whether or Not You Know It

You needn’t be perfect or famous for other people to admire you. Your strength and resilience will shine through and enrich others, regardless of the amount of effort it took to conquer the battles you’ve faced. 

Writing a memoir might have a lot to do with deciding whether you feel your life is a story worth telling. Believe us—it is! While your past may not be something you want to dwell on, reflecting on it and writing about your experiences can inspire family members and friends. It might even resonate with readers you don’t know and at the same time empower you. While past ordeals might not be something you want to look back on, being able to compare where you were then with where you are now can be reassuring. And doing it publicly can embolden you.

Your Story Can Change Lives

If you’ve ever browsed through the autobiography or memoir sections of a bookstore, you’re likely to have come across stories about abuse or addiction. Such stories can benefit readers who find themselves in similar situations and are searching for strategies to move forward and overcome their trauma. Reading your story will reassure them they too can thrive.

Not every memoir is built upon a tragic life story. Some of the most fascinating modern memoirs are about validating those who are facing challenges that may seem trivial to others, such as choosing the right career path or struggling to pursue a passion that seems out of reach.

If you feel your journey hasn’t been eventful enough to be translated into a memoir, think again. Every life story is captivating, regardless of how many headlines it has (or hasn’t) made.

You’re Not Alone, No Matter How Much You Think You Are

If you’ve encountered an issue you believe others have also confronted, why not share it? Who knows, it could help someone in a similar situation?

It’s important to reinforce to especially young audiences that their feelings about a particular problem are always valid and that what matters is how they come to terms with it. Remember, what you’ve gone through isn’t what shapes you—it’s how you process and handle the situation that matters. As a child, it’s challenging to reconcile tumultuous emotions, so letting youthful readers know that what they’re going through is perfectly normal can make an enormous difference to them.


No matter how normal or abnormal you feel your life has been, your story is always worth sharing. No-one’s life follows an identical path to another—your relationships, high points, hardships and experiences are still uniquely yours and can be captured in a memoir that matters.

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Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Founder, Share your life story

Vice-President Life Stories Australia