Why you need to write your dad’s story

Many of the fathers I speak to tell me the rapture they feel about being a dad. About spending precious time with their kids. They say every day is like Father’s Day when their children are around them. And their children share the unimaginable joy their fathers brought to their life while they were growing up and continue to do so today. A dad who is always there for us has an impact beyond unconditional love, hugs and inspiration—he also brings hard lessons for us to learn from, he challenges us to be the best person we can be and he picks us up when life beats us down.

Science proves all this and more, so if you’re looking for a sign to capture your dad’s life story in a well-written memoir, this article is it. As we approach Father’s Day, here are reasons why it’s time to ask your dad his story—and record it for him, the entire family and future generations to enjoy.

Reason #1: He’s probably why you are such a well-balanced person

Experiencing the discipline of both your mother and your father has most likely influenced your attitudes and behaviour, making you the person you are now.

Perhaps your father was strict and through discipline attempted to prepare you for the real world. Or he may have acted as your role model, making you a more well-balanced individual who can handle problems in a more empathetic and well-adjusted manner. Why not talk about the way he behaves and promotes discipline and empathy in you, other people and himself?

Reason #2: He inspired you to do better at school

Having your father present at footy training, ballet classes, netball comps, speech nights, concerts or when you struggled with incredibly complex math problems will have impacted your development. You owe it to him to share with the world the way he gave you a life brimming with opportunities—so go ahead, talk about his tremendous contribution to your life and the amazing journey you have shared together.  

Reason #3: He taught you about empathy and compassion

With a firm and loving father by your side, you grew up sensitive to those around you. You understand kindness and forgiveness, especially with a clear perspective into the dynamic of your parents’ relationship. A story about how your father’s life helped you shape your own is a story worth sharing!

Tell His Story For Other Generations to Hear

Generations ago, society placed the responsibility of taking care of children on mothers alone. My dad was just as nurturing as my mum and he helped me grow to be the best version of myself. He was involved every step of the way in my life. If like me your loving father was by your side, why not turn his story into something others can enjoy?

As we approach Father’s Day, why not give your dad the ultimate gift by immortalising his memory? The storytellers of Life Stories Australia believe in the power of memories, as well as the art form of capturing and preserving the best of life stories. Allow us to record your father’s love, quirky habits and memorable moments—buy a gift voucher from one of us today and surprise your dad this Father’s Day! It is a gift that will live on forever.

Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Founder, Share your life story

Vice-President Life Stories Australia