Our guide to a unique Father’s Day gift

If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking for ideas for a unique gift to give to your Dad on Fathers’ Day. Someone as distinctive as your father needs a one-of-a-kind gift, and we’re not talking about a personalised tie or a funny mug. Instead, how about opting for a gift that truly honours a remarkable person who has shaped you — a gift voucher for a memoir?

Why should my father have a memoir written about him?

In many societies, fathers are seen as authority figures with an air of solemnity around them. Though this is changing today, some people still view fathers in the traditional sense. Compared with other members of the family, we rarely cast dads in a sentimental light. It may be no surprise then that writing about him may be a new concept for you.

Writing your dad’s memoir will disclose insights about him you hadn’t previously realised. Equally, it will reveal details about your relationship with him. This can lead you to discover more about your father and to appreciate the extent to which he influenced you while you were growing up. By seeing how much you value him, your father will strengthen his sense of purpose and identity as a treasured dad. Who knows, writing your dad’s memoir might inspire him to write his entire life story, from birth to the present day!

How do you write another person’s life story?

When you write a memoir, start by selecting one of the most valuable memories you have of your father. Imagine what the scene looked like, your surroundings, the mood, what you were doing, what you both looked like, and the conversation you shared. Don’t worry about the exact words—just write the dialogue as you recall it, keeping in mind its true essence. Write in a style that reflects your personality and that of your dad.

Reveal what you felt at the time of the memory. Express emotions that were present and describe them. By showing this side of you, your father will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and it will enable him to develop an even closer relationship with you. From there, you can repeat the process with other important moments when your father left an impression on you or touched your heart. Eventually, you will come up with a life story that will memorialise his legacy—a perfect gift your dad, you and your entire family will treasure forever.

I’m not keen on writing, how can I give Dad a memoir?

Don’t worry if writing isn’t your thing. You can enlist professionals to write it for you. The book doesn’t have to be a door-stopper—there are life stories as short as 4000 words, capturing a few weeks or moments of a person’s life. Of course, you can make your story longer; it is all according to your preference.

Better yet, give your father the chance to construct his own life story by giving him a voucher for memoir-writing services. This way, he can steer the narrative and highlight the things he wants readers to remember about his life.

Give your father the gift of remembrance

Fathers’ Day is a special occasion to honour your dad and thank him for all he has done for you. Give him a unique gift this year by presenting him with a memoir of one of his fondest memories, or a voucher for him to avail of professional services to do the writing for him.

The professional storytellers at Life Stories Australia believe everyone’s life story is worth telling. They can turn stories into a beautiful hardcover book or video so your dad’s memories will last forever. Through interviews, photographs, videos and archives, we can produce a memoir for you or someone special. Get in touch with us today for details.           

Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Founder, Share your life story

Vice-President Life Stories Australia